Friday, January 1, 2010

The (person you don't know the name of yet) Tales

Laurel suddenly gasped and whirled around. She had heard a strange swishing noise, but she saw nothing. She sighed and almost turned around again when suddenly a large, thick red whip came hurtling through the air towards her. She couldn't move fast enough, for her foot was stuck underneath a shrub, and the whip swirled around her body, trapping her in the whip's grasp. Wait a minute. Laurel looked again at the whip. It wasn't an ordinary whip. It was a bright red beard, braided together with some beads and other baubles attached. Laurel followed the beard up, and then found something astonishing. A head! Before she could take a closer look at it, Landlion came charging towards her, sword in hand. 
"Don't worry Laurel, I will RESCUE you!!!!!" Landlion shrieked, charging and chopping the man's beard off. 
The man squealed defensively. "Stinker," he snarled, then pulled a flute out of his pocket. He started to play a strange, discordant tune. "Nothing happened," he whispered to himself, and scratched his head, obviously frustrated. Then suddenly he played one deafening note, and the ground began to rumble ferociously. Laurel and Landlion started to tremble. It didn't seem that things were going to be peaceful after all. Then, suddenly, a giant herd of bunnies came galloping in from all sides, surrounding the two beings by a huge, furry mass.
"What in the name of Tansy Tangerines IS this?" Laurel said angrily. Landlion would've said this too, but instead he quietly turned away and started to stroke a brown, floppy-eared bunny. The bunny snapped its teeth at Landlion, who shrieked like a little girl and jumped, knocking Laurel over like a felled tree.
"Stop it, smallfry, we have business to deal with." She nodded over at the man. "Business with that man." She stood up very straight, and very tall, and said,"Who are you?"
"Should we tell them?" he questioned the bunny rabbits. Quite a number of rabbits booed. Some bared their teeth and snarled at Laurel and Landlion (especially Landlion). The man rubbed his chin (quite difficult to do through all of the bushy beard, then stated,"Well, we have to tell them SOMETIME, for my name is as melodic as a bird's chirp, sweet as honey, and as tasty as shrimp!" he declared. "And strawberries," he added as an afterthought. The rabbits seemed to be considering this fact. Finally, a fluffy white rabbit hopped slowly towards the man. About an hour later, it reached the hairy-jawed man, stood on his shoulder, and squeaked something in rabbit language. The man translated,"This rabbit says that the only way these landblubbers are going to get our names is by a few tests," he began. "Strenuous tests. Starting with Rabbit Rabbit Strawberries!" The rabbits cheered for joy and started to jump on top of Laurel and Landlion. They sighed. This would not be as easy as they had hoped.

P.S. Rabbit Rabbit Strawberries is what they call Duck Duck Goose.

Oh, and since Tessa doesn't want you guys to freak out, I might as well tell you that this has nothing to do with that serious elf tale. I'm only using the characters. Just thought I'd let you know.


Elindira Evenstar said...

Ha ha ha! You have a wild imagination!

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